Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let that soul flow out of you

I don't want to wait for you. I don't want you to wait for me. Let us be like this always. There is no as such definition of always. It is just today and nothing else matters. As humans, we tend to attach ourselves to things that surround us in this world. If you observe and understand, you will know that there is nothing worth attaching yourself to. And what is it that you are unhappy for? Try and remember the day you came to this earth. Okay, I know you can't. But imagine yourself as a crying naked baby all soaked in blood. The nurse took you in her hands and wrapped you in a white cloth. She then cleaned you and gave you to your mother. That was the first time you saw your mother. An association developed and you attached yourself with her. Later on you became habitual of every thing that surrounded you in your life, such as, your toys, your cloths your cycle, your school uniform, your books, your water bottle, your friends, your phone, your bag, your jeans, your bike, your girl friend/boy friend and what not. How do you think it is going to work? If you had come alone and you have to go alone, then how do these associations and bindings going to work? Do not worry so much. Look at yourself. You already have forgotten your childhood. It is a new you already. Then why do you worry about loosing people or things? You are loosing a part of yourself each and every day as well. There is something or the other that you forget. As different phases of your life pass on, a person grows on another person. First there is childhood, then you are an adolescent and so on. If you worry about dying, then look at what you have already lost and understand that nothing is permanent. And it is for your own good that it is temporary. Would you like to remain with the same people always? I guess not. Would you like to remain the same person always, I guess not. Then stop clinging to these relationships and things. Think of them as part of your day. Be happy if at the end of the day you feel content with yourself and be happy if you feel you have been good with people. Worry about nothing else. Worry about no one else. Everything is temporary and will go one day. What will remain is you and your experiences and your soul which has impressions of different personalities that have emerged out of you day by day. Let that soul flow out of you. Don't be sad about it. Be happy. Be proud that one performance is over and now you can embark upon many more.    

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I travel beyond the skies,
I travel beyond the depths,
I travel beyond my life
and into my death.

The notes have bought me higher
and higher and higher.
there floats my soul
above the clouds,
the sun feels like the moon,
and a slight wind is blowing.
I won't go back now.
You can not descend from such heights.

I do not have wings
and I fly around.
I float with my head up,
my hair swirl around me,
the stars gaze down at me
and I make the winds dance.
Clouds are melting into me
or am I melting into the clouds?
It is hard to say.
I never imagined death to be so beautiful,
millions of melodies encapsulate me,
bind me and pull me,
from all around.

Everything feels a part of each other.
Why do I see my fingers disappearing?
They are just melting away into the winds,
they are just melting away,
a white smoke is rising from my mouth
or is it the cloud again?

Let me drink you up

Let me drink you up,
I don't think you will get empty,
For you are like a river,
It's just that you are too salty.

Maybe you are an ocean then,
Let me see your depths,
Rise and crush me
And throw me on the shore ahead.

Let me adorn you,
For you to unwrap me,
Let me be with you,
For we are both without company. 

You roar so much,
Pour that anger into me,
Let me see all your shades,
I know it will be worth it.

Let me drink you up,
You won't get empty.