Monday, October 11, 2010

Maybe thinking too much

Hey guys. How is everyone? Sorry would try to be more regular from now on. Lots of changes but the most relevant one is that I have started my job and currently I am in Bengaluru.

I went to attend Shaan's concert yesterday with my other two friends from office. The concert was organized by a Bengali club. Durga Puja is starting from 14th and the celebrations have already begun for the bengalis. A lot of bengalis were there and they were all very enthusiastic. The arrangement was quite different from what we had expected. Seats were arranged very properly and the hall was covered from above, so more than a concert the whole thing had an appearance of some society function kind of thing. Well, we found some nice seats at the back under the fan and sat there. As we reached before time and the concert had not yet started, so we went out and had some cold drinks & vada pav. Then some time later the concert was started by June Mukherjee (some female singer I have not heard of before) and after a few songs Shaan entered.

He started around 8:30 and continued till 11. He started with a line of "behti hawa sa tha wo" and then moved onto some other songs. It was awesome. As there were lots of bengalis, he sang one or two songs in bengali also. He made comments like "Is it Bengaluru or Calcutta ??" and "Bengaluru would soon become Calcutta", as there was a huge percentage of bengalis present in the concert. Bengalis went crazy at his comments. He sang one kannad song also and promised people that when he return back to Bengaluru in two weeks he would be prepared with some good kannada numbers.

When everyone was busy enjoying his nice songs, lots of things were going in my mind and it was quiet hard for me not to pen down everything then and there. My brain was justling with my senses which were trying to enjoy the awesome music and songs. But the brain wanted compeletey different thing. It wanted me to notice the difference in everybody's priorities and the difference in everybody's life. The crowd was going crazy and people even  went up to the stage to shake hands with him. They were standing besides the stage to dance to his tunes, to get a closer glimpse of him and to bring themselves to his notice. Towards the end of the concert I also went nearer to the stage and it felt good. Everyone wanted to get acknowledged by him in some or the other way. They were there so that he would at least smile at them or wave to them or listen to their request for a particular song. Nobody seem to be worried about anything else in the world. Their worlds had shrunk to Shaan and themselves. This was the scene on one side and on the other side was Shaan.

He must have been thinking different kinds of things about the people present there. Maybe the hot weather was troubling him. Maybe he was secretly wishing to finish off soon and fly back to Mumbai to record his new song or fly to Brazil to start his vacation. The people were happy that he was trying to sing in their regional languages and it did not matter to them that he was doing it correctly or not. He was noticing all this. This day was like any other day for him or may be even worse. But on the other hand people were making videos and taking his pictures to show them later to their relatives and friends and flaunt happily that they had attended "Shaan's" concert. 
What a varied spectrum of thoughts!!!!!!

And the thing which made me feel petite was the small instinct in me or the wish in my heart that somehow he may notice me and maybe wave at me. That little something in me which wanted him to acknowledge my presence in this world around him. He is doing what he likes, he sing songs and this is his passion. He is doing it perfectly, no doubt about that. People admire him, respect him because he is good at his stuff.

But have you ever asked yourself that do you admire your own self? Is there someone who looks upto us? Well the answer to this question may differ from person to person. I do not know what do I want in my life but the important question is that do I have the courage to realize my passions and stand up to acknowledge them and start following them. The day this happens would be the day when my subconscious mind would stop pestering me trying to remind me of some incomplete tasks or some important things which need my urgent attention. He sings with such a passion that it brings out the best in him. I feel that many of us and I my ownself want to find out that little something which may drive me crazy and then nobody else's acknowledgment matter to me. In hindi there is a saying " Khudi ko kar buland itna ki khuda tujhse khud pooche ki bata bandey teri raja kya hai", which means that rise so high that God himself asks you what you wish for.