Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miththu :)

I had a parrot when I was little.
Oh he was a completely different personality!
Are you asking me how?
Well I have many stories to tell you.
But first let me introduce him to you,
his name was Miththu
and he was the cutest parrot on this world.

One day I came home from school and he started shouting,
ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta.
I got happy and went to him.
I was playing around a little bit,
when suddenly I saw a big ripe yellow guava,
hanging from a branch of our guava tree.
The branch was so playful,
every time we pushed it outside,
it found its way back inside the balcony.
No, it was not its  mistake,
those were the happy days of the tree,
when it bore more fruit then its capacity.
I removed the guava from the branch and gave it to him.
Oh how I loved feeding  him!

However Mom was the one who I think spoiled him.
I woke up one morning and was amazed to see what was happening.
You won't believe, but there he was, licking her finger,
And what you expect it was?
The fresh butter which she had just made from churning the milk.
I didn't want to spoil the great moment between two of them,
or it could be the laziness of early mornings,
as I went straight to bed and back into my dreams.

Rainy seasons bring a wonderful smell with them,
and drinking tea those times feels like a bliss.
I was sitting in the balcony and doing my homework,
or may be just enacting,
when I saw Mom getting out of the kitchen and going to him.
No, it was not surprising,
Everybody needs tea after a good afternoon nap and so did he.
So she poured some in his small bowl kept in his cage
and came back smiling,
like the biggest task of the day was achieved.
I didn't ask, for I was not allowed to drink tea then.
Yeah, finally I accepted that he was more mature and older than me.

Summer, Summer, Summer.. Oh summer!!
No it meant more to us than just
the ripe mangoes, ice creams, Rooh afza.
It was a time to play hide and seek with him.
Well, I did not played it, but my mom and sister did.
Or you can say it was a different kind of hide and seek.
I used to stand on the chair and
my mom and sister searched him around the house.
He could be anywhere, after all he knew the whole place.
That day I thought he loved me the most,
for he was hiding inside my pants which were kept on a chair.

Now you may wonder that how could he ever get out of his cage,
Well my chacha used to keep his cage open because he couldn't fly.
So he was assured he wouldn't run away.
After all my mom found him in our garden all scared and
trying to hide from everybody.
So he must had really loved my chacha.
No, don't reach to a conclusion so soon.
Every time he brought his finger near him,
he used to bite him very hard.

Sometimes I used to get bored,
because he had just too many visitors.
They all were parrots.
It was not a good thing to ask if they were males or females,                                                              
so I never did but I was sure he was a hit amongst all of them.
Some circled around his hanging cage and some sat on it.
Round and round they went,
to see him all happy and glad.
Well he couldn't fly but he could see
and I am sure that with them,
his thoughts wandered above all unseen seas.

If only wishes could come true and happy times may remain happy.
I came back from school one day to find Mom in the saddest moods
and him missing from the cage.
I thought this could be the hide and seek time
and yes it was, but only with one exception this time,
we were never able to find him again.
Buried he was deep inside the earth,
all silent and still.
My sister told me that he fell in the garden from the cage
and a cat killed him.
We couldn't eat and were all quiet.

Oh my Miththu, my dear Miththu, I miss you so much.
If only I could have seen you one last time,
knowing that it is going to be the last time.
Well, what more to say,
I think it was the most unfortunate day.
I hope you may rest peacefully and
yes I take care of her so don't worry.