Monday, April 4, 2011


Is it the time of year when I should worry
or is it when I tred once again on the journey?

Are you still there or are you gone?
If you hear me,
just go, but take away all your memories,
and while you do
just so, please once look back at me,
it will help me hold on without thee.

The road is dusty and the sun is high,
but wasn't it always our destiny?

If I call out loud will you be able to hear?
and if you can't, 
will you still keep trying listening to me?
you know what,
I am not sure what I would have said,
if you had put up the same question to me.

Do you mind, me mentioning your name to others?
no, not as the hero, but as the beholder of my agony.

Ride, ride fast enough so that the dust rising up behind,
may make all this sadness really blurry.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Don't feel my pain..

You don't feel my pain, Well,
With the wind gushing past away, the tree does
With the moon hiding away, the sky does
With the bee flying away, the flower does
With the waves rising away, the sea does
With the dew melting away, the leaf does
With the water drying away, the earth does
With the smoke smoking away, the fire does
With the conquerer leaving away, the summit does
With the bubble dying away, the water does
With the admirer going away, the beauty does.
So its okay if you don't feel my pain.