Saturday, July 30, 2011


I build stories. I have been building stories all my life.

Stories that makes no sense. Stories that I build connecting a number of incidents.

They are all in my head you know. Its strange how I don't loose track of them. You know because they are so many. It would be nice if I at least loose some of them. I guess it does not happen because I love them, as they are mine.

At the end of the day you always realize that you love yourself. My stories make me realize that and make me believe that. They let me hold onto myself.

They are like my children. I bring them to existence, let them breathe in my head, keep them there till they are stable enough to come out and then I introduce them to the world. I let them go where ever they want to go. Well there is nothing much I can do about that. But I do want them and others to remember, that after all they are mine. They carry my name with them where ever they go.

I can always trust them, I know they will never betray me. And if they do, I will assume that they were never mine. After all it was not that hard, building them up.

Just a moment, an action, a word, a thought is enough to trigger them. And sometimes that ain't even be real. It happens you know. Maybe its all in your dreams or maybe you are hallucinating. Maybe some one else is making you think that all of this is real.

Your job is just to act like you believe in his thoughts. You have to play along and as a favor, he will let you play. He will let you believe that his dream is your reality.

And the day you break any of  these rules, the game ends.

Random thoughts

Sun is bright today,
birds are chirping,
dogs are running all around,
my stomach is churning.

The day seems crazy,
why so much rush,
at least stop for breakfast,
before catching that bus.

Its fine if you like it,
but do not confuse me,
am already in a whirlpool,
do not at least please turn me.

Run, run, run,
its almost time,
why you making faces,
its not my first crime.

Okay so you know me,
but do not judge,
life has been hard,
let me not have any grudge.

A few days, a few jokes,
a few laughs, a few smiles
that's all it takes,
to keep going on for miles.

How come you think,
I would not think,
when you know me,
and all my blinks.

Its still going,
it always does,
who the hell knows,
whats the buzz.