Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Smile as he wants to see you smile
Smile for ur ownself
Smile as there is nothing so bad that wud make u cry
Smile to cheer up yourself
Smile because it costs nothing..
Smile for ur family
Smile because you look heavenly when you smile
Smile as ur smile is so pure
Smile as it shows ur dimples
Smile because you dont just need any reason to smile

So my friends just smile a lot and stay happy..... :):):)

Monday, March 31, 2008


hi all........

Thanks everybody for all your wonderful support, encouragement and belief in me, which I got on my first post. Due to all that love, I am able to pen down my feelings about the current trend of Hindi Movies & Bollywood.

All this came to my mind earlier also, but got motivated to write this as I went to watch the movie "Race" yesterday.
So guys n gals, this is something which must have occurred to all of you, but may be, you may not have given it a serious thought. I want to ask you all , how many of you are happy with the current trend of hindi movies?? Does there exist a single one of us, may be of any age who is satisfied with the kind of entertainment we get or are supposed to get from recent hindi movies.

I will speak the truth whether it is too harsh for the movie makers. I have started feeling that there is no one called a story writer or a script writer attached with the movies being made these days. I feel that strongly each time I watch a hindi movie with of course a few exception. What was that which was made on name of "Om Shanti Om" or "Dus Kahaaniya" or "Saanwariya" or "Goal" or "Sunday" or "Welcome" ?? Sorry I can not name each and every such item being made on name of a movie here (List will never end). All these are movies of big banners, but was there any good story or any kind of healthy entertainment involved with them.

Do you all expect something called "Saanwariya" from a renowed director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali? Casting big star names, shooting on foreign locations, big budget are not good enough reasons for a movie to be entertaining.

I feel that the producers and directors think, that what they need for their movies these days is good foreign location, big stars names and some out of place item songs & a hot chick dancing in the song. They make movies just for the sake of it and to earn money or make a fool out of the viewers, who go to PVR's & spend about 150 rs on each ticket, in hope of healthy enjoyment, but all goes in vain. I felt so bad after watching the movie "Om Shanti Om". I never expected such a movie from Shahrukh Khan, the favorite of all. He owe some responsibility towards his viewers, where is that gone?

Where is that passion gone from all the people involved in the making of a movie? Making a movie is an art, acting in it is an art. Anyone who only takes it as a money and fame earning occupation can not do justice with it. It is not that there is no talent. If it would have been the case then the doom of Bollywood must have come uptill now. It is because that passion is missing from a major percentage of people of film industry. Why don't these people think of some new ideas which aim to entertain viewers in a more wholesome way? Most of the ideas are copied from Hollywood and they are also not implemented in a good manner. They even spoil the original idea of Hollywood.

They make comedy like "Sunday", "Welcome". Saanwariya on name of Romance. I can't say in which category the others which I have mentioned above do fall. I did not found "Race" so bad, maybe because its plot was ok, but as such it also has a lot of flaws and stuff, which is much more than enough for any of us to get bored with it.

I do not say this for the complete hindi film industry. There are still people like Amir khan, Subhash Ghai and many more who most often come up with good ideas and provide us good entertainment. They may not make a wholesale number of movies, but atleast make some which are worth watching.

It is completely my point of view and many of you may not agree with me. Just for example, my roommate. She likes almost every movie but she criticized "Race". So it is completely a personal choice. I live in a hostel. I am a complete movie freak and grew up watching hindi movies, new and old. Sometimes I ask my friends to name any good movie, so that I can watch it. Earlier when I used to do so, he or she used to tell me that they can't name a hindi one but can suggest many english ones. I then used to think, that Is this a fashion not to watch hindi movie or Is this very trendy? I now know that why those people found it difficult to name a good hindi movie, one with a good and different story, one with passionate actors, one having something innovative and new because there are so few of them. Today I also do the same, always search for an English movie. I have nothing more to say. You all know that most of us do the same.

I wrote this to bring this matter in front of all of you, so that may be something can be done about it and the rich Hindi Cinema may not be devoid of good hindi movies in the future.

Do tell me what you all feel after reading this.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Post Minor 2 Life at IITD (A Month before Majors)

Hi everybody.......

This is my first post on my first ever blog. So wish me luck!!!!!!

Just after I came back from my mid semester breaks (I was at home to celebrate holi with my parents), back to IIT, I noticed a great change. Everyone was busy in planning his or her own future. Some desperate for internal or external hostel posts and some for their interns or exchange programs. Its time for "poltu" or politics in many of the hostels. I am really happy & proud to be a part of hostel in which no kind of "poltu" exists. You can see people frustrated with poltu in IIT at this point of time. Everyone trying to secure his or her own position in this system. People worried for their summers, everyone has the same concern "What will we do?". No one wants to be left behind in the race. This poltu stuff has such impact that some really very deserving candidates just get aside from the way (to a post) even if they want it, to keep out of "poltu". But some people try to take advantage of everything they can, just to get posts and powers. This is a really busy & bad time for all...

All students, even me and my friends all are making fight for a suitable Internship for summers. Some of the students are busy in preparing and giving interviews for a Foreign Exchange Program. It is this time when the freshers are given responsibilities and posts in hostel for first time. Its a time where comes the House Days and each & every hostel's residents invite faculty members and their friends to their hostel, so that they can show their friends and teachers what all they have achieved the entire year... Great na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farewell party is arranged in all hostels for their residents, who will be leaving the hostel this year. Every year some students who complete their studies finally leave to go to some other place & start working. They leave their friends behind who keep on remembering them. So this is a phase of time when every possible kind of emotion sprouts up in our hearts. On the other hand, outside IIT, a fresh new batch is ready to give JEE. Some of them will soon join us. Every year its the same, some students leave IIT and some arrive. Those who leave, have new hopes & new desires for their lives ahead at their workplaces and those who come, have completely different kind of excitement & journey infront of them . Some are at the end of their joyful journey at IIT and some are afresh to start it. Wow!!! what a great diversity in lives at the same time.