Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love is all around. :)

Every time when I see you smile,
my heart starts pouring colors on the canvas of my life.
The colors gets mixed up and dance,
a painting starts building up of its own of romance.

When your voice fills up my ears,
A cool breeze starts blowing,
No matter how hard I try,
I can never stop my thoughts from flowing.

When you hold my hand,
I travel miles with you.
The most beautiful part is, that I do it
without you ever knowing.

Your touch blossoms me in a way,
that no flower could ever imagine.
Up & down, down & up,
throughout my body a soft music plays.

When you look at me,
every part of my body breaths.
Like all have realized,
the reason why they exist.

Your eyes are so intense,
I am afraid of looking into them.
I am afraid that they would catch my gaze,
and they would catch it such, it would never get released.

Your presence secures me,
it makes me feel safe.
But why is it then, I try to run away and go to a place
where you can never follow me ablaze??

Your fragrance makes me dance,
It blows away all my sorrow and tense.
It fills the aroma all around me,
In a way that makes me wanna stay forever in it.

All your promises I keep close to my heart,
the fear of loosing them threatens me.
Your absence I loathe,
what would happen if you leave me?

Wind gushes past my hair,
she makes a noise and teases me.
I keep telling her to sush it down,
go and play somewhere else around.
Don't judge me, its not my fault
I just want to tell you on my own.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Suddenly she had an urge to run.
To run from one and to run from all.
They wanted her there, but she couldn't bear it.
She started wandering around, searching for loneliness.
When she couldn't find some, she lost all hope.
Her search seemed to be endless.
She started searching other people then.
Way back from her conscious a name came up.
But was it what she really wanted?
Like she had any other choice.
She had to save herself,
so in the end she gave up and walked towards her home.
Deep in slumber she was, opened the door and smiled.
Took her into her arms and bestowed everything she could.
Nothing what has happened matters now.
When the day came for her to leave,
tears rolled down both their cheeks.
Such is friendship and such is love,
You may not be there at dawn but you have to be there at dusk.