Monday, October 22, 2012


She is a girl of a kind.
I have known her for years now,
every single moment of which I had wished,
to have known her for longer.
Talking, laughing and then talking some more,
this was for us a day to day chore.
Have never met someone so alive,
yet she thinks its me who needs someone larger than life.
She used to ride her bicycle in the lanes,
lost in thought and her hair strewn all over her face,
she would not know if it was day or night,
for she had to keep looking for her knight.
I used to lift her up and turn round & round,
She was like a little doll to me,
Though I am younger than her in age.
We ate together, laughed together, slept together,
the mornings were all bright and the nights were late.
She had to move away and I had to stay on,
and we lost touch for years that followed upon.
But it had to happen,
we had to meet again,
so we landed up,
in the same city, in the same lanes.
She had to leave again,
and I stayed on,
But I made a promise that day
and I have kept it all along.

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